Why tickets?

The LSU School of Music has recently implemented a new ticketing policy that is a significant change from past practice, one that regrettably has put more financial burden on students. Last year, concerts in the Recital Hall were free (with a few exceptions such as  Christopher O’Riley, and Hot Summer Nights concerts), and all music students received one complementary ticket to music events in the Union Theater and Shaver Theatre (except for Opera and Singo de Mayo performances).

This year, all concerts are ticketed events,  and music students are only given comp tickets if  they are performers in the concert itself. This comp ticket policy mirrors that of many professional orchestras and ensembles.

We feel we have minimized the impact of this new policy so that it does not place an undue burden on students, while creating an environment that recognizes the value of our performances.

Student recitals are still free. And discounted student pricing in available on all School of Music concerts and events.

We realize that this could create a financial hardship on students, and we’re sympathetic to those concerns. The school’s senior leadership spent more than  a year discussing the need for this new policy and how to implement it with as limited an impact on students as possible For example, the cost for music students to attend the entire  Union Theater Concert Series is comparable to the purchase of a typical college textbook.

Unfortunately, persistent state and campuswide budget cuts are affecting the ability of the School of Music to deliver resources and services needed to maintain our programs and curricula. We sincerely regret that one of our solutions negatively impacts students.

We hope you understand and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Stephen David Beck
Director, LSU School of Music



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