A new job

I must admit that it feels a bit strange to be in my new office at the LSU School of Music.  For the past 24 years, I’ve been shuttling around LSU’s campus wearing different hats: as composer, teacher, researcher, software engineer, grant writer, collaborator, program administrator, center director.  As director of the Cultural Computing focus area at the Center for Computation & Technology, I was getting excited about construction on our new building, a soon-to-be announced graduate program to go along with our undergraduate minor in digital media, and expanding the School of Music’s Experimental Music & Digital Media program to include undergraduates.

But then I was asked to consider applying for the position of Director of the School of Music, my home department at LSU.  At first, I was reluctant. Why leave CCT? Why take on new responsibilities when I’m comfortable where I am?

After talking with friends, colleagues and my family, I realized that this was truly a dream job.  It’s been my privilege to be a part of this school and to serve alongside some of the most talented and gifted musicians and scholars anywhere. Who could pass up the opportunity to represent and work for such an august group? Not me.

I’m truly excited about our future, despite the challenges we face.  Our faculty is resilient and our view will be entrepreneurial as we move ahead. I look forward to what will be a great adventure.

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